Cook For Ukraine

In partnership with UNICEF
The Ukrainian flag blowing in the wind
#CookForUkraine – Clerkenwell Boy’s charity campaign, supporting UNICEF – In support we’re adding a Discretionary £1 to our bills for March

With devastating scenes escalating in the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine we’ve decided to show our solidarity by partnering with UNICEF to support their Cook for Ukraine campaign by adding a discretionary £1 to our bills during the month of March.

Heartbreaking scenes in Ukraine this month have caused widespread fear, distress, and concern for the safety of friends and loved ones, plus the millions of residents who have been displaced & impacted by the escalating crisis. As the conflict intensifies, as many as 7.5 million children could be left without access to essential services. Our mission is to raise valuable funds for the embattled communities, children, women, and men who now have nowhere to go, no shelter, no food, and very little hope.

We would like to ask our guests to come together and join us in support of our #CookForUkraine campaign, and to raise much-needed funds for the children & families affected.

A wide-shot of the Kyiv skyline