with Four Pillars Gin

Welcome to Orange Hour!

Throughout August you can enjoy the best priced G&T in town, all thanks to the partnership with our friends at Four Pillars Gin. Four Pillars is a small distillery founded by three best mates based in Yarra Valley in Australia. They share our interest and love for the intense creativity around gin alongside a huge passion for hospitality and gin-fuelled fun.

Available throughout August – Monday-Thursday, 3-5pm

About Four Pillars

The process of making great gin is an art, to maximise both purity of sprit and concentration of flavour.

“That’s the holy grail we aim for with every gin we make.

To begin, we get our base grain spirit from Bomaderry on the south coast of NSW, which sources wheat from around 6000 farmers across the state. Wheat creates an incredibly clean spirit and Australia has a global reputation for high-quality produce and production.

The grain spirit is diluted to around 30% ABV and 450 litres are pumped into the belly of the still known as the ‘pot’. We add our dry botanicals directly into the pot with the base spirit, around ten different dry seeds, leaves and roots.”

Outside seating area at Burnt Orange
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