BBQ Chicken Thigh 

with Basil Mayo, Peas, Watercress
A delicately plated dish of chicken and tomato on a green sauce
A delicately plated dish of chicken and tomato on a green sauce

The art of cooking…

We’ve revealed our secret recipe for our BBQ Chicken Thigh with Basil Mayo, Peas, Watercress – so you can enjoy our wood-fired flavours in the comfort of your own home!

At Burnt Orange wood-fired flavours is what we do and it’s finally our favourite season; where char-grilled flavours are king, and streams of mouth-watering BBQ scents have started to fill the summer’s air.  This recipe is from our new menu, and hero’s the punchy flavours that cooking with fire brings about, alongside the contrasting plethora of fresh and seasonal ingredients that summer has to offer.

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A chicken roasting inside an open woodfire oven

Let’s cook!


3 Boneless Skin-on Chicken Thighs | 20ml Soy | 2 Garlic Cloves | 10g Honey | 2 Bunches Basil | 100g Basic Mayonnaise | 30g Defrosted Peas | 5g Mint | 30g Watercress | 15ml Olive Oil | 20g Lemon Juice | Salt & Pepper.


Step 1. Marinate your chicken thighs with soy, crushed garlic & honey and leave overnight in the fridge

Step 2. Blend the basil, olive oil & lemon juice until it forms a smooth purée and then mix through your mayonnaise and season to taste with salt and pepper

Step 3. For the salad. Mix watercress, peas & fresh mint and dress with lemon, olive oil salt & pepper.

Step 4. Fry your chicken skin-side down in a medium high cast iron skillet for about 4 minutes until you achieve crispy skin, then flip and cook for a further 4 minutes until cooked all the way through.

Step 5. To serve. carve your chicken into bite size pieces. Plate with your mayonnaise on the side and finish with your salad. Enjoy!


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